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Improve Your Backyard Through DIY Landscaping

Any residential or commercial property owner will know that the better your property looks, the more money you’re likely going to get for it if you choose to sell. One of the major factors that contributes towards a high property value is the property exterior – i.e. the landscaping. Whether in the front yard or the back yard, if your property exterior is appealing, inviting and provides a nice atmosphere, chances are very high that it will make your overall property value worth more.

While some property owners have the budget to hire a professional landscape design company or garden designer, others are not so fortunate. A landscaping project can end up costing tens of thousands of dollars, depending on what kind of changes you’re looking to make to the area. If you’re one of these property owners that doesn’t have a huge budget to work with, you can always consider a DIY landscaping project.

When it comes to DIY landscaping, doing the right research will result in a great looking outdoor area in your property. Nowadays, with Google readily available, you can look up DIY landscaping tips and DIY landscaping video tutorials to help you with your own project. Throughout this website, we’ll give you the basic tips and tricks you need to know to make your DIY landscaping project easier and more affordable.

DIY Landscaping

Making your landscaping budget

For those who are hiring the services of a professional landscape architect, worrying about the budget isn’t a big deal, as the architect will generally work with what you have to decide where funds go in the project.

If you’re going the DIY landscaping route, you’ll need to have a sit down and think about your finances. Do you already have a set amount ready to use for the project? Or are you having to save over time to get this?

You can check out some handy budget planning tools and checklists online to help you to get an idea of what’s required for the budgeting side of things.

Make your project cheaper through friends and family

Through any do it yourself project, the aim of the game is to save money wherever and whenever possible. One of the major things that can help you achieve a cheap landscaping project is to call upon help from friends and family.

The first way that you can get your friends and family to help is through the labour. If any of them have a bit of a green thumb, or don’t mind a bit of gardening labour work, ask for their help with the project. Rather than having to pay contractors by the hour, you can save a lot of money by paying friends and family another way (say, shouting them out to dinner at the end of the day).

The other way that your friends and family can help depends on what industry they all work in. Do you know someone who works at a garden supplies shop? Someone who works in swimming pool design? Or perhaps someone who you can hire a skip bin from to take care of any building or garden waste? Have a chat with friends and family and see if there’s anything they can contribute towards a cheaper DIY landscaping project.

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